Technology and Change Management


We monitor and maintain all technological outlets for the City. We oversee the IT and Change Management departments.

Providing effective and efficient customer service to you and City departments keeps you online to do what you need. We use the Government 2.0 approach to transform government with you and for you.

We've committed to sustainability as part of our strategy. Find out how we're working on this here.

Our IT department makes sure that the City's technology systems are properly operating. Here’s a look at some of our IT responsibilities:

  • Provide technical support
  • Install and repair new software and hardware
  • Manage computer systems
  • Resolve technical issues

We're putting Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to use for Grand Rapids. Find out how we're using GIS here

The Change Management department administers new changes in technological practices, techniques, and processes. Using these changes makes us more productive and effective as a government.

This helps us better serve you. We administer these changes and train our employees to transition into using them.

We do our research on the technology and tools we use. We refer to these as the Right Tools. We then create guides for staff to reference as they use the tools. Check out the Right Tools guides: