Records Unit

The Records Unit provides customer service, information resources and law enforcement records to members of the public and to local, state and federal government agencies. 


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows you to request copies of or access to public police records.

Start your FOIA request

The process for requesting GRPD crime/incident report depends on a few factors. 

Certain reports, such as those involving a death, aggravated assault, or criminal sexual conduct (among others) must be requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process, regardless of who is named in the report.  See the above section on how to submit a FOIA request. 

Copies of reports which do not have to be requested through FOIA and where the requestor is named in the report may be obtained over-the-counter at the Records Unit desk.  You must provide a current, government-issued photo ID (such as state ID or driver’s license). Report copies can only be obtained once the report/investigation has been completed/closed. See fee schedule for cost.

If you are not named in the report, you would need to file a FOIA request. See the above section on how to submit a FOIA request.

Contact us at (616) 456-4177 during normal business hours if you have questions about the appropriate way to submit your request based on the records you are seeking. We will guide you through the appropriate process.

The method for obtaining traffic crash reports depends on whether the report is created by GRPD (UD-10 crash report) or by an involved party who files a report online.  For regular UD-10 traffic crash reports, an involved party may obtain a copy by coming to the department during the Records Unit’s normal business hours.  A valid, government-issued photo ID is required to obtain a report over the counter. See fee schedule for cost.

You may also obtain a copy of your UD-10 crash report online through the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Purchasing System.

If you filed the report online, you will receive an email once the report has been approved.  The email will have a link to purchase an electronic copy of the report.  Access is only available through the link you were sent.  Alternatively, you may purchase a paper copy at the Records Unit counter.  A valid, government-issued photo ID is required. 


Fingerprint services are offered on fingerprint cards or via LiveScan for persons who reside within the city limits of Grand Rapids on an appointment only basis.  A current, government issued photo ID is required for fingerprinting.  We have both the FBI (FD-258) and the State of Michigan (RI-008) cards. 

Fingerprint appointments may be scheduled by contacting us at (616) 456-4177 during normal business hours.  PLEASE NOTE:  It is up to the person being fingerprinted to know what type of prints are needed.   

For those needing LiveScan prints, you should have received a LiveScan form from the agency requesting you to get the prints.

If you receive a check to pay for the prints, please note that we do not accept 3rd party checks. 

If you are not a resident of the city limits of Grand Rapids, there are other police agencies in the area who offer fingerprinting services, either on a walk-in basis or by appointment. 

See fee schedule for cost and note appointment hours.


Grand Rapids residents wanting to purchase or transfer a firearm (including pistol and long gun such as rifle and shotgun) from a private party and do not have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) need to obtain a License to Purchase (LTP).  LTPs are valid for 30 days from issuance for the purchase/transfer of one (1) firearm.  The purchaser must present a valid Michigan driver’s license or Michigan state identification card with a current address within the Grand Rapids city limits.  

If you have recently moved to Michigan with firearms purchased in a different state, you will need to obtain an LTP for each firearm to be registered.  You must have a Michigan driver’s license or state ID card to register your firearm(s) in Michigan. 

If you are purchasing from a private party and you have a CPL, you may obtain a Pistol Sales Record (Form RI-060) from the Firearms & Background Records section of the Michigan State Police website. This website is also a great information resource for firearms, including CPL information, firearms forms and state and federal firearms laws.

If your street address is outside the city limits of Grand Rapids, check with your local law enforcement agency to obtain an LTP.  If you are unsure whether you are within the city limits, you can check your address with the Kent County Parcel Lookup tool.

We are now taking appointments for LTPs. Making an appointment is preferred as it will guarantee your time slot. To make an appointment, please call the Records Unit at (616) 456-4177 during normal business hours. Walk-ins will be accepted by availability. To check the availability of walk-ins, please call the Records Unit number provided above. Walk-ins are not guaranteed.

Hours and fees for LTP processing are in the side bar sections.

Individuals wishing to search for a public criminal history record should use the Michigan State Police (MSP) Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT). Visit the MSP site for details and fees.