Election Worker Job Descriptions

General Election Worker

A general election worker fills a variety of roles within the precinct on Election Day, including but not limited to: assuring applications to vote are accurately completed, verifying the voter’s identity, issuing correct ballots, recording voter number and ballot number, tearing off the perforated ballot number tab before the voter inserts their ballot in the tabulator, helping the voter when the tabulator rejects their ballot, assuring voter secrecy is maintained, referring to the Chairperson when an unusual situation arises, providing excellent customer service, and providing accurate information and helping voters.

Electronic Poll Book (EPB) Worker

The EPB worker is responsible for managing the laptop and utilizing the E-pollbook software to verify voter registration and issue a ballot number. Additional responsibilities include setting up the laptop workstation, saving the voter file and reports in the appropriate location, providing excellent customer service, referring to the Chairperson when an unusual situation arises, assisting with ballot reconciliation process, and the duties of a general election worker.

Precinct Chairperson

The precinct chairperson position is leadership role responsible for the management of their assigned precinct and its election workers. Responsibilities include arriving at the precinct at 5:45 am, assigning duties to fellow election workers, ensuring opening, closing and quality check duties are performed, providing excellent customer service, handling any issues that occur, delivering reports and information at the end of the day, and other duties as needed.

Precinct Chairperson Assistant

The precinct chair assistant position is an introduction to becoming a precinct chairperson or an opportunity to take on a leadership role without all of the closing duties. Responsibilities include arriving at the precinct at 5:45 am, asking chairperson questions, learning and assisting with the proper procedures for opening and closing the precinct, handling any issues that occur while the chairperson is on break or occupied with another worker or voter, providing excellent customer service, filling in for workers on breaks,assisting with ballot reconciliation process, and other duties as needed.

Absentee Voter Counting Board (AVCB) Worker

The AVCB worker is responsible for verifying ballot issuance, processing ballots, tabulating ballots, reviewing ballot return report, and completing the pollbook.  Absentee Ballots and tabulating these ballots. AVCB workers are more restricted than precinct workers as they are required to stay in the AVCB room until the close of polls at 8:00 p.m. During this time workers cannot use a cell phone or electronic device, are not able to smoke or use e-cigarettes, and will only be permitted to leave the room to use the restroom or drinking fountain.


The host is responsible for greeting voters, looking up voter registration, verifying that a voter is in the correct precinct, estimating the average wait time and setting expectations for voters, identifying and alerting the Chairperson or Chairperson Assistant of any campaigning, answering any questions about the voting process, and other duties as assigned.