Great Housing Strategies

On April 22, 2015, our City Commissioners Ruth Kelly, Senita Lenear, and Elias Lumpkins, Jr. led more than 200 people in a community conversation called The Great Housing Strategies. This event discussed the future of Grand Rapids housing.

The Great Housing Strategies reviewed best practices, tools, and strategies for Grand Rapids. Over 90 participants volunteered to serve on workgroups. These workgroups developed policy and program recommendations.

Around 100 people met to launch the Great Housing Strategies workgroups on June 12, 2015. Attendees selected the workgroup(s) in which they would take part. Workgroups topics include:
  • land use and zoning
  • housing finance, economic
  • workforce development
  • low-income and vulnerable populations.
Each workgroup met four times on a biweekly basis. They planned strategies specific to their area of focus. More information on the workgroups and meeting notes can be found below.

Great Housing Strategies- Addressing Current and Future Housing Needs(PDF, 2MB)

Great Housing Strategies Toolkit(PDF, 725KB)

Great Housing Strategies Presentation 10.13.15(PDF, 530KB)

People and Places Presentation 4.22.15(PDF, 5MB)