Apply for a Wastewater Discharge Permit

To best treat wastewater, we have to know what's flowing into our system.

Our Industrial Pretreatment Program controls the release of pollutants into the wastewater system by monitoring the discharge of significant industrial users (SIU(Show info)).

All non-domestic users of the Grand Rapids Sanitary Sewer Service Area, including contributing jurisdictions, are required to complete and submit a non-domestic user survey to collect information on wastewater characteristics, chemical inventory, and pretreatment devices.  Facilities that are SIUs must then apply for a discharge permit to specify discharge standards, limits and conditions.



We cannot accept online applications for this permit

Due to federal requirements, we currently cannot accept online applications for this permit. Check out the paper form tab above to apply for a wastewater discharge permit. If you have questions give us a call! Our number is in the Contact Us section of this page.

Paper Form

Step 1.Complete the Non-Domestic User Survey

If you haven’t already, complete the non-domestic user survey. We’ll review your usage details to see if your facility will require a wastewater discharge permit.

Download the English version here(PDF, 198KB)

Complete the Wastewater Discharge Permit application

We will let you know if your facility requires a discharge permit. If so, download the form and print or fax to submit.

Download the English version here(PDF, 813KB)

Step 2.We'll review your form

We’ll review your application and contact you if we have more questions or with your permit information and discharge requirements.



Call us for instructions

You can find our number in the Contact Us section of this page. Due to federal requirements, we cannot complete your application over the phone, however we can make sure you have the information you need to complete the paper form.

In Person

Visit our office 

Our address is listed in the Contact Us section. If you are having trouble printing or faxing your form, we can help. For assistance completing the application, please call or email.