Collindale Ave NW and Burritt St NW

  • Project typeSidewalk Installation
  • Project schedule2023 or 2024



April 11, 2023 - Check out the meeting presentation here

Read below the proposed design plans:

  • Collindale Ave NW (Lake Michigan Dr NW to Burritt St NW) and Burritt St NW Sidewalk, view here
  • Collindale Ave NW (Burritt St NW to south of Leonard St NW) Sidewalk, view here

Proposed Retaining Walls:

  • In street ROW adjacent to 732 Collindale; approximately 3 feet tall by 100-feet long
  • In street ROW adjacent to 2759 Seventh and 836 Collindale; 1-4 feet tall; approximately 150-feet long 

March 20, 2023 - We sent out this mailer to those within 350 feet of the project limits, English and Spanish

This project will install a sidewalk on the east side of Collindale Ave NW (Lake Michigan Dr NW to Burritt St NW), the north side of Burritt St NW (350 ft west of Collindale Ave NW), and around the entire roundabout (Collindale Ave NW and Burritt St NW).   

This was a pedestrian improvement project. This makes it easier for you to get around Grand Rapids on foot.  

Please read these sections in our Road Construction Guide:

  • Access and parking
  • Driveway approaches and sidewalks
  • Parkways and street trees
  • Trash, recycling, and mail
  • Construction tips for businesses
  • Construction hours
  • Grass and lawn care

The guide includes information related to all projects. Some information doesn't apply to this project. Make sure to go to the sections listed above to see how this project will impact you.