Ball and Olson (Michigan to Plymouth)

  • Project typeResurfacing
  • Project schedule2023



August 22, 2023 - We sent out this mailer to those within 350 feet of the project limits, English and Spanish

This is a resurfacing project. Contractors remove the road surface and replace it with one or more layers of asphalt. They also upgrade the sidewalks.

Please read these sections in our Road Construction Guide:

  • Rotomilling and resurfacing process
  • Access and parking
  • Drive approaches and sidewalks
  • Parkways and street trees
  • Trash, recycling, and mail
  • Construction tips for businesses
  • Construction hours
  • Grass and lawn care

The guide includes information related to all projects. Some information doesn't apply to this project. Make sure to refer to the bullets above to see how this project will impact you.