Officer-involved shooting video release

Published on April 13, 2022

Grand Rapids Police Department badge sign hanging outside its headquarters.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Today, during a press conference held by Chief Eric Winstrom, the Grand Rapids Police Department released several videos associated with the officer involved shooting on April 4. Videos include a critical incident briefing which incorporates eight of the nine source videos into a single incident timeline as events unfold. The nine source videos, which include body worn camera, in-car camera, home surveillance, and cell phone footage, are available in the video release package. Some video images may have been redacted/blurred to ensure privacy. No audio has been redacted or altered.

The videos that are provided capture the events leading up to the shooting, including the shooting itself. To our knowledge, at this time, these are the only recordings that captured the actual shooting, and that the City has in its possession. For the purposes of this release, some of those source videos have been shortened to exclude footage after the time of the shooting. This was done to expedite their public release in the interest of transparency. 

“I thank the public for their patience and understanding while waiting for the release of the video,” said Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom. “I intend to continue to be as forthright and transparent as possible during the ongoing Michigan State Police investigation, while maintaining my duty to protect the integrity of that investigation in the interests of justice and accountability.”

The press conference and the videos released in the package contain strong language as well as graphic images resulting in the loss of human life. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Those experiencing trauma after viewing the video are encouraged to seek out mental health resources by calling 211.

The press conference, which was streamed on the City’s YouTube channel can be viewed HERE.

The video release package is available HERE.

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