GRPD, community partners remind residents about youth curfews

Published on June 07, 2024

Grand Rapids Police Department badge sign hanging outside its headquarters.

As summer kicks into high gear, we are encouraging young people and families to be aware of the City’s curfew. The curfew ordinance spells out the hours that young people can be out in public without an adult present.

The City of Grand Rapids Curfew Ordinance:

  • Children under 12 need to be in by 10 p.m.
  • Children under 15 need to be in by 11 p.m.
  • Children under 17 need to be in by 12 a.m. (midnight)

The curfew ordinance does not apply when parents/guardians accompany a minor. Adults (21 and over) designated by a parent/guardian may also be with a child.

“While there are penalties outlined in the ordinance for both children and parents/guardians, we prefer education and voluntary compliance over enforcement,” said Chief Eric Winstrom. “This ordinance is designed to keep kids safe. That’s our goal as a police department and we are asking parents and guardians to do the same.”

Larry Johnson, Chief of Staff & Executive Director of Public Safety for Grand Rapids Public Schools, agrees. “Our parents and caretakers must stress to our youth that being out after curfew can be a dangerous experience.  We encourage the cooperation of our parents to embrace curfew rules because we love our kids, care about them and desperately want to keep them safe,” said Johnson. "Out of school time should not be a time when youth are not supervised. Our collective work to embrace curfew rules must include all our community partners as we look for additional solutions to keep our youth safe and healthy over the summer and beyond."

“As President and CEO of the Urban League of West Michigan, I wholeheartedly support the youth curfew laws in Grand Rapids,” said Eric Brown, who is also a member of the City’s Public Safety Committee.

“These regulations are crucial for protecting our young people from the potential exposure to crime and other hazardous situations.  Our primary mission is to foster a safe and nurturing environment where our youth can thrive and envision a promising future.  The curfew laws are intended to safeguard them during vulnerable hours and provide parents and guardians with a framework to ensure their children’s safety.

"These laws are merely one aspect of a comprehensive approach required to support our youth effectively.  The Urban League of West Michigan remains dedicated to collaborating through our foundational pillars and the Cure Violence Initiative.  We will work closely with community leaders, local authorities, community organizations, faith-based groups and families to offer holistic programs that encompass educational support, mentorship, employment, and recreational activities.  These initiatives are essential in providing our youth with positive alternatives and meaningful opportunities.”

The full City ordinance can be found here.

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