Southtown Business Area Specific Plan


We're creating a Business Area Specific Plan (BASP) with the Southtown Corridor Improvement Authority Board and the community. Southtown includes the Alger Heights, Boston Square, Franklin and Eastern, Madison Square, and Seymour Square business areas.

The BASP is a planning process. The goal is to establish strategies that improve the business areas. Together, we're planning for Southtown's future.

Draft Area Specific Plan

Take a look at the latest draft of the Southtown Business Area Specific Plan.

Full Plan


Approval Process

Planning Commission and City Commission approved releasing the draft Southtown Business Area Specific Plan for a public comment period in September 2019.  The plan is out for your review, please email any feedback you have by November 6, 2019 to

You are also welcome to send written comments to

City of Grand Rapids Planning Department
1120 Monroe Ave NW, 3rd Floor
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the draft plan on November 14 at 1 p.m. at 1120 Monroe Avenue NW, 2nd Floor. They will also vote on recommending the plan to City Commission for final adoption as an amendment to the City's Master Plan.

Where is Southtown? Check out this map to see Southtown's business districts.

Southtown Map

We have business owners, neighborhood association representatives, and residents from Southtown leading this planning effort. These include Southtown Corridor Improvement District (CID) Board members and additional Steering Committee members.

Southtown CID Board Members

  • Commissioner Senita Lenear, Mayor's Designee, Ward 3 Resident
  • William DeJong, Business or Property Owner Representative
  • Patricia Pulliam, Business or Property Owner Representative

Additional Steering Committee Members

  • Marian Barrera Young
  • Paula Collier
  • Howard Earle
  • Sam Evans
  • JoAnn King
  • Christy Knetsch
  • Eric Meister
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Alex Thomas