Priority 1 Forestry Initiative

Priority I Forestry Initiative

In 2016, we logged all street, park, and cemetery trees. From that inventory, we're addressing all trees identified as Priority 1 for removal or pruning. Our goal is to increase public safety and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

There are 85,185 total trees we maintain. Of these, 3,037 are Priority 1.
  • 1,558 are Priority 1 for removal
  • 1,479 are Priority 1 for trimming
Contract removals began November 2017 and are expected to complete in June 2018. The initiative funds come from the City's General, Insurance, Refuse, and Contingency Funds. Our goal is to be proactive in future work and focus on preventative maintenance.
Infected Ash trees 
Not all removals are Ash trees infected by emerald ash borer. Ash trees account for about 10% of these removals. Many of the trees in this project are 40-50 year old trees with structural issues.


Stump grinding
Stumps will be ground after removal. 1,200 more existing stumps will also be removed for replacement tree planting. 


Replanting your own tree
You can replant your own tree. Just make sure you Request a Tree Planting.


Existing tree service requests
Current service requests for priority 1 trees are included in the work. Other low priority service requests will be addressed when the initiative is complete.
City's tree planting plans
This initiative won't impact our planting plans. Our approach to planting trees focuses on contracted and volunteer tree plantings.
Urban canopy goal
We may lose canopy as a result of the removals, but this project allows us to improve tree health. This leads to a larger canopy in the long-run.
Current tree conditions
Our inventory shows that 86% of these trees are in fair or better condition.