My GR City Points


Earning Points


You can earn points simply based on how much you recycle. The best part? Recycling is free in Grand Rapids!

If you're already recycling, simply sign up for My GR City Points. You'll only need your recycling bin number. If you're not already recycling, Sign up for Recycling Services. Then sign up when your new bin is delivered.


If you're not a resident, don't worry. You can volunteer in the community to earn points. More on that below.

Sign Up Online

Redeeming Points

Use the points you earn to redeem rewards at local businesses or contribute them as donations for community campaign goals. Follow the steps in the Redeem Your Points section below to start saving today!

You already earn points for recycling. Earn more by volunteering!

Redeem your points for discounts at local businesses. It's our way of saying thank you for all that you do! Sign up for and participate in volunteer opportunities, and you'll earn 500 points!

Volunteer and Earn Points

Make sure to create a My GR City Points account before you sign up for any volunteer opportunities.

Now that you've been recycling and volunteering, get rewarded for it! Follow these steps to redeem your points.

Log In

  1. Check your balance at the top of the page
  2. Did you volunteer? Click Redeem a Code to enter the code you received for your volunteer hours
  3. Click Use Points to browse reward you can afford, privileged rewards or all rewards
  4. Choose your reward by clicking it and clicking the blue Clip This Reward button
  5. Select Clip to confirm you'd like to use your points for this reward
  6. Print the coupon and bring it with you to redeem