Master Plan Updates


The first phase of the Master Plan process is gathering information from the community on the successes of the 2002 City of Grand Rapids Master Plan and where improvements can be made. This pre-planning phase is near completion. Over the past several months, 20 Master Plan facilitators coordinated meetings within their community to review and discuss the 2002 Master Plan and, when applicable, their Area Specific Plan. This feedback will assist the City in determining what has worked and what needs to change with the next Master Plan.

The second phase of the master plan process is the public phase. A consultant will be hired and community meetings will be held to discuss the future of the City of Grand Rapids.

Please check out our timeline below. Please note that this timeline is tentative and subject to change.

MP Timeline.png

Master Plan Update Presentations

February 2021 Master Plan Update Presentation

November 2020 Master Plan Update Presentation

March 2020 Master Plan Update Presentation

More Info

If you are interested in more information regarding the master planning process please contact Layla Aslani at