Medical Cannabis Ordinance & Separation Distances


Where permitted, cannabis growers, processors, and provisioning centers will require Special Land Use approval by the Planning Commission, including a public hearing. Applicants will be required to receive prequalification from LARA prior to applying for SLU approval. We began accepting applications for these license types on March 4, 2019.

Where permitted, cannabis safety compliance facilities and secure transporters will require Director Review by Planning staff. Applicants will not be required to receive prequalification from LARA prior to applying for local approval. We began accepting applications for these license types on January 22, 2019.

Download a one-page summary infographic of the ordinance

Summary of Zone District Regulations

Facility Type Most Commercial Zones  Neighborhood Office Service (NOS) Zone  City Center (CC) Zone  Industrial (SD-IT) Zone 
Grower Not allowed
Not allowed Not allowed Special Land Use 
Processor Special Land Use Not allowed
Not allowed Special Land Use
Provisioning Center Special Land Use Special Land Use Not allowed Special Land Use*
Safety Compliance Facility Director Review Director Review Not allowed Director Review 
Secure Transporter Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed Director Review 

*Provisioning Centers located in Industrial Zones must be accessory to (co-located and no more than 25% gross floor area) a Grower and/or Processor.

Separation Distances

1,000' Separation from

  • Public or Private K-12 Schools
  • Licensed Childcare Centers
  • Publicly-Owned Parks & Playgrounds*
  • Religious Institutions*
  • Licensed Substance Use Disorder Programs*

*Unless waived by the Planning Commission
Childcare centers & schools are not eligible for a waiver

1,000' Separation from

  • Residentially-Zoned Parcels along the Same Primary Street Frontage*

*Not eligible for a waiver

2,000' Separation from

  • Another Provisioning Center*

*If commercially zoned

1,000' Separation from

  • Another Medical Cannabis Facility*

*Not eligible for a waiver

How to Measure Distances

Distances are measured as the crow flies from the property boundary (not entrances), except for the residential-zone separation requirement. Golf courses and cemeteries are not included in the definition of "parks and playgrounds."

Residential Zone Separation

For the residential zone separation requirement, the distance is measured from the property boundary along the street. This measurement may follow bends or curves of the street, but does not turn a corner. Residentially-zoned properties located immediately behind a subject property would generally not require separation. Residentially-zoned properties fronting on the same street and within 1,000' would. For corner properties, measure only along the primary street frontage. The primary street frontage is that with the highest traffic counts per the MDOT website.

Full Ordinance

The City Commission approved an ordinance allowing medical cannabis in Grand Rapids at their meeting on July 24, 2018, and amendments to that ordinance on December 18, 2018.

Download Ordinance(PDF, 113KB)