DIGITAL - City Commission Meeting June 15, 2021

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129 803 8039



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129 803 8039

Public Comment

To participate in the meeting by making public comment please call 311 or 616-456-3000. Listen carefully to the prompts and follow them to be placed in line to make public comment. The same opportunities to speak and rules for speaking are the same for any City Commission meeting. Expand the box below to learn more.

  1. Call 311 or 616-456-3000 to participate in the Public Comment section of the meeting or to make a comment during a Public Hearing.
  2. Listen carefully to the prompts to select the correct opportunity section of the meeting. 
  3. You will be placed on hold when you enter the phone queue. Calls will be answered first come/first served. 
  4. When you are connected to the meeting, turn down the volume on your tv or computer. State your name and city you live in and you will have 3 minutes to speak.
  5. The same rules apply for Digital Meetings as meetings that take place at City Hall
    • 1. Depending on the meeting there can be multiple opportunities for public comment: -The First is limited to items on the Commission’s Agenda that are slated to be voted on -The Second is for specially scheduled required public hearings -The Third is for any issue you would like to bring to the attention of the Commission
    • 2. You may only speak once on each issue.
    • 3. All comments are to be limited to 3 minutes.
    • 4. City Commission meetings are to be a safe place for everyone involved, as such: Please refrain from swearing, name calling and/or making derogatory comments directed toward a person’s race, religion, nation of origin, etc.
    • 5. Do not request or expect comment from the Commission.
  6. If you want to speak at another opportunity to speak, call back and follow the prompts.


If you have any questions you may contact the City Clerk's Office by email or phone.




About Remote/Digital Meetings

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, to protect the public health, and to provide essential protections to vulnerable citizens, it is crucial that all Michigan citizens take steps to limit in-person contact. These critical mitigation measures include social distancing and limiting the number of people interacting at public gatherings.

To that end, it is reasonable and necessary to temporarily suspend rules and procedures relating to physical presence at meetings and hearings of public bodies and other governmental entities in Michigan. These public bodies and entities must continue to conduct public business during this health emergency, including actions to respond to COVID-19, and the general public must be able to continue to participate in government decision-making without unduly compromising public health, safety, and welfare.

In line with recent MDHHS Orders, recent legislative actions, and in an effort to promote public health, welfare, and safety, the Grand Rapids City Commission and other City Boards/Commissions will hold public meetings and hearings by electronic means.

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