Private Lead Service Line Replacements


In 2021, we received a $5.1 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for private lead service line replacements. We have a 10 percent local match of $571,390; the total project cost is approximately $5.7 million.

The grant will help replace approximately 1,608 private lead service lines in the Neighborhoods of Focus (NOF) at zero cost to the property owner. The project started in early 2021 and ends in 2025. Replacements will occur in census tracts shown on the map below. See the construction schedule below for more information about the project’s timeline. 

Map showing the EPA Grant Boundaries for private lead line replacements

Do I Qualify for a Lead Line Replacement?

You will receive a letter and/or a door hanger informing you of the upcoming replacement.

The property owner will need to sign the Water Service Line Agreement, and a city inspector will need to inspect the service line. 

What to Expect


The project will replace your lead line between the curb box and the water meter with a copper line. Our plumbing contractor will need a few hours in your basement, and the water will be off during this time. Our contractor will repair any damage caused in the basement and yard. 

After your lead line is replaced, you may experience a temporary increase in lead levels in your drinking water. You will also receive flushing instructions and a water filter to minimize lead exposure. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installing and maintaining your water filter.

Download Flushing Instruction(PDF, 444KB)

Project Update

As of May 2022, 371 lead services have been replaced.  The neighborhoods highlighted in the map below will be targeted in 2022-2023, and approximately 811 lead service lines are scheduled to be replaced.  We are actively collecting agreements for census tracts 30 and 32, and construction is underway. 


Construction Schedule 2021-2025

Map showing the EPA Grant Boundaries for private lead line replacements


  Year *      

    Census Tract   

      # of Private Lead Services  

2021 - 2022

29 114 (Completed)
26 27 (Completed)
31 230 (Completed)
2022 - 2023 30 215
32 455
2023 - 2024 28 133
35 134
37 155
2024 - 2025 36 48
38 62
 *The construction year begins in April of each year and ends in March of the following year. Construction delays may occur due to contractor availability and weather conditions.