Frequently Asked Questions

Is my water safe?

We are proud of the high-quality and safe drinking water we provide our customers every day, and we take this responsibility seriously. Your drinking water meets and exceeds all the federal Safe Drinking Water Act requirements. 

Health Impacts of Lead

In some homes, lead in water is not the only potential source of exposure for young children. Lead-based paint, lead in soil, and lead dust are significant risk factors for children living in pre-1978 housing. Lead dust from these sources can get onto children’s hands, which then gets into their mouths.

When ingested, it can cause various health problems, especially for pregnant women and children. The greatest concern is the impact of lead on the developing brain.

Learn more about all potential sources of lead exposure at   

Water Filters

We do not provide water filters.

If you buy a water filter, read the packaging to ensure the filter is NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified for lead reduction. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's directions to install and maintain the water filter. Click here to learn more about water filters certified to reduce lead.

I Received a Postcard Offering to Test my Water for Free

You may have received a postcard from a private company encouraging you to have your water tested. 

We’re not affiliated with this company or any other company that offers to test your water or recommends you install a home water treatment system. 

State and Local Resources

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