Traffic Safety

PNG image of a street with street lights and a biker in bike lane


We make sure traffic is safe and efficient through intentional design. We construct, operate and maintain the City's traffic control.

Residential streets

From block parties to making your street safe, let us know how to improve the streets in your community.


Lets make sure you can get what you're moving safely to where it needs to be.


Have you noticed a missing, broken, or blocked street sign?

Do you want to promote a big event with a banner on a street lighting pole?

Signal Timing Information

Are you looking for signal timing information? You can file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request.

Prepare for winter in Grand Rapids using our Winter Preparedness Brief. We give you all the information you need to know about:

  • Waste collection in the snow
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Parking in the snow
  • Avoiding frozen pipes

Winter Preparedness Brief 2018

The Development Center issues other permits that may be helpful for you.

Temporary Occupancy Permits

Want to use a section of a road, sidewalk, or other area of the public right-of-way for a project? Apply for a Temporary Occupancy Permit here.

Utility Permits

Are you a contractor and want to install utility equipment in the right-of-way? Apply for a Utility Permit here.

Encroachment Permits

Are you planning a project or installation? Does it require ongoing use of public street, sidewalk, or dedicated public easement and includes:

  • Removable at-grade features
  • Overhanging features
  • Buried features

Apply for an Encroachment Permit here.

Every year we conduct traffic counts by measuring traffic volume. We provide this information to the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC).

They gather traffic count information from other cities and the Michigan Department of Transportation to include in their Traffic Count Database System. Check it out here

Oversized Load Permit Application

Do you need to apply for an Oversized Load Permit?

Apply for a Permit

Oversized Loads FAQ

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ page for oversized loads.

Oversized Load FAQ