Social Responsibility


Sustainability also means ensuring Social Responsibility at City Hall and in the community. We intentionally consider social equity to attract and retain talent, build community and earn trust. Social Responsibility is our commitment to consider how our decisions impact people. People include employees, residents, neighborhoods and other community members.

Simply put, Social Responsibility is a commitment to consider how decisions impact people. People include employees, residents, neighborhoods and other community members.

Programs Focused on Employees

  • Safety programs
  • Competitive benefit packages
  • Professional development
  • Training
  • Career advancement opportunities

Programs Dedicated to Neighbors

  • Public safety
  • Education
  • Housing

Additional Program Areas

  • Neighborhood development
  • Neighborhood engagement
  • Diversity, inclusion and equity

Social Equity

There are disparities in our community around income, educational attainment, health and employment. These disparities exist in higher concentrations in communities of color and low income communities.

Our social equity work attempts to reduce these disparate impacts. Ultimately, our goal is to end these altogether

We believe in the dignity and worth of all people. This includes the right of everyone to have fair access to the benefits of urban life.

We're currently investing heavily in social responsibility programs and initiatives. See these in the panel below.

We want to be welcoming to all people that wish to live, work or play in our beautiful City. We hope you'll check out more information on our social responsibility work. Determine where you can join in!

Check out how we're implementing Social Responsibility through our key programs below.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Division ensures inclusive business practices. Check out their work below.

Community-Police Relations

Work focused on improving police and community relations through the following initiatives:


Cultivating safety in our communities is crucial. We're working to lower violence in our communities. Our Safe Alliances for Everyone (SAFE) Task Force is an anti-violence initiative. We work to lower violence in our communities. Check out our goals and what we've been up to.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a huge priority for us. We're reframing our outlook on affordable housing as affordable living. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live in healthy and safe housing. We're working on this through our program, Housing Now!.

Social Equity

We've developed an internal Racial Equity plan, approved an Equal Services Policy and were designated as an age-friendly city. Check out social equity programs below.


Our youth is our future. We nurture and develop young talent through Our Community's Children. This program ensures that children and youth have opportunities for education and employment support.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

We want to work with you on continuous improvement throughout all neighborhoods 


We're working on diversifying our workforce. We provide the best jobs for our staff with competitive benefit packages, training and advancement opportunities.