Governmental Accountability



In 2016 we expanded our Triple Bottom Line (TBL) to include a fourth pillar: Governmental Accountability. We work to hold City government accountable to effective and efficient practices. When these are in place we can successfully implement sustainability practices.

Our focus on Governmental Accountability focuses on:

  • Fiscal resiliency
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Authentic community engagement
  • Great customer service
  • Good government

To do this, we work to improve the following:


  • Focusing on increased, meaningful and timely communication

Customer Service

  • We offer superior customer service through our Customer Service and 311 operations
  • Providing value to residents at the lowest reasonable cost

Effective and efficient services

  • Providing effective and efficient service delivery. We do this across departments including Customer Service, Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, Waste, Parking, and Parks and Recreation
  • Sustainable asset management. This includes streets, buildings, wastewater, water infrastructure, street lighting systems, trees and green spaces


  • Our Vital Streets program is improving our transportation network


  • Working to recruit, develop and retain a diverse and talented workforce

To help keep ourselves accountable and transparent for you, we make our plans and budget publicly available.

Transformation Plan

We plan our transformation goals for the city and how we're working on them. Check out the plan here.


Master Plan

We're planning for Grand Rapids' future! Our Master Plan spans over 20 years, but we reassess and update it regularly. 



Our Budget Office tracks develops the City's annual Fiscal Plan and provides financial guidance across the organization. The Fiscal Plan guides the City to fund services to Grand Rapidians. 

We're sharing our Governmental Accountability story! Check out the links below to see what we're up to.