Energy & Carbon Emissions

We're committed to reducing our energy consumption which also reduces our carbon emissions. We can do this through energy efficiency or carbon reduction strategies. Our main focus is on buildings, utilities, industries, homes, parking and vehicles. We are also working to offset the energy we consume with clean renewable energy. These efforts help mitigate climate change and increases our climate resilience.

We are working hard to tackle energy as a top priority in our operations. Help us make a difference by joining our efforts and see how you too can be smarter with your energy at home or at work.

Carbon Emissions

Our citywide Strategic Plan lists four strategies to reduce carbon emissions:

  • Create carbon reduction goals
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of City operations (buildings, utilities, fleet)
  • Assess the feasibility and cost of offsetting 100% of City electricity with renewable sources by FY2025
  • Create and support programs and policies to reduce carbon emissions from the building and transportation sectors throughout the community


The plan’s Mobility section also includes strategies to decrease the number of people who drive alone in their vehicle by increasing bus ridership, biking, walking and carsharing – which all decrease fuel consumption and the resulting carbon emissions. Check out more about our City’s mobility work here.

More Details

Learn more about how and where we use energy, our efforts to reduce energy consumption and how much of our energy is supplied by renewable sources.

City Energy Use

Energy Efficiency for your Home

Zero Cities Project

Over 50% of the buildings (by square footage) in Grand Rapids are single family homes. Partner with the City to determine how we can work together to reduce the carbon footprint of homes throughout the community. Learn more about the Zero Cities Project here.

SolSmart - Solar

We're working with SolSmart to make solar more accessible in our city. Learn more about SolSmart here.

Energy Efficiency for your Business

Grand Rapids 2030 District

The 2030 District is a free program that helps businesses, industries, non-profits and academic institutions reduce energy and water usage as well as transportation related carbon emissions. Learn more and sign up today by visiting the 2030 district website today.

Zero Cities Project

The City is working to identify policies and programs that can reduce the energy and carbon footprint of buildings throughout the community. Click here to learn more.

SolSmart – Solar

We're working with SolSmart to make solar more accessible in our City. Learn more about SolSmart here.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Need help paying for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects? PACE offers alternative financing options that allow you to pay off installations with your energy savings. Click here to learn more.


Mayor Bliss launched the Energy Advisory Committee in March of 2018. The purpose of this advisory committee is to engage thought leaders from a diverse set of businesses, non-profits, academia and governmental institutions to ensure that the City of Grand Rapids stays on the cutting edge of energy performance and renewable energy.

The committee will focus on creating a comprehensive energy management plan that includes a renewable energy strategy, energy efficiency strategy for municipally owned facilities and a broader climate/greenhouse gas emissions plan.

The committee will also support the City’s participation in the Zero Cities Project. Participants are selected by the Mayor and the committee meets approximately every other month.


Elected Officials

Rosalynn Bliss

City of Grand Rapids

Ruth Kelly

City of Grand Rapids

Nathaniel Moody

City of Grand Rapids

City Staff

Mike Dazy

City of Grand Rapids
Energy Intern

AJ Hills

City of Grand Rapids
Business Developer - Administrative Services

Chuck Schroeder

City of Grand Rapids
Assistant Environmental Services Manager - Public Services Department

Laura Olson

City of Grand Rapids
Acting Assistant to the Mayor

Kristin Pfauth

City of Grand Rapids
Project Manager - Engineering

Gary Reimer

City of Grand Rapids
Director of Facilities and Fleet Management

Alison Waske Sutter

City of Grand Rapids
Sustainability & Performance Management Officer

Community Partners

Roger Burgess

Retired Engineer

Philip A. Guster

DTE Energy
Program Manager

Paul Haan

Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan
Executive Director

Jon Ippel

Amplify GR
Executive Director

Margrethe Kearney

Environmental Law and Policy Center
Senior Attorney

Jim Lax

Meteorologist and Founder
Climate for Tomorrow

Mary Ellen Mika

Global Compliance & Sustainability

Tavian Moore

NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch
Youth Council President

Julio H. Morales

Consumers Energy
Executive Director, Customer Service

Steve Mulder

Christian Reformed Church
Climate Witness Project

Terri Novak

Michigan Agency for Energy

Anne Sailers

Holland Board of Public Works
Community Energy Services Manager 

Kris Spaulding

Brewery Vivant

Natalie Stewart

Director of Govt. and Public Affairs