Economic Prosperity



We're striving to implement sustainable business growth in all neighborhoods. Our commitment to economic prosperity is our commitment to strengthening the business community and enhancing job opportunities. This means we're seeking ways to create opportunities for businesses of all sizes. 

Economic prosperity is about everyone and should benefit everyone. We've aligned our focus and our work on three core initiatives:

  • Prioritize business investment in biotechnology, health services and other knowledge based industries
  • Create a nurturing environment for businesses of all sizes
  • Facilitate job creation

We've been working on strengthening and growing economic prosperity through the following:

  • Brownfield redevelopment incentives to revitalize polluted properties
  • Educating growing neighborhoods on our planning and economic development programs and practices
  • Creating Area Specific Plans (ASPs) to collaborate with and serve neighborhoods
  • Focused on neighborhood business districts and Corridor Improvement Districts (CIDs)



  • Ensure that 80% of jobs that are incentivized with public funds are permanent, full-time jobs with benefits
  • We've been recognized as a leader in public-private partnership opportunities. We're striving to take this a step further by providing access to these partnerships to everyone, regardless of location in the city

Check out how we're implementing Economic Prosperity through our key programs below.

Economic Development

Our Economic Development department helps to grow businesses and create employment opportunities. Check out their work below.

Development Center

From planning to permits and inspections in between, the Development Center is the place to go for all development needs.

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI)

DGRI is our partner in developing Grand Rapids' urban core.