Police Neighborhood Service Areas


The police department is divided into five services areas to best serve the community. Each area team is led by a captain and team of sergeants and officers assigned to address residents’ needs. We encourage you get to know your team and partner with the officers to improve the safety of your neighborhood.

Use this map to identify which service area you live or work in.


West Side Service Area

Captain Chad McKersie

Desk Phone: 616-456-3876      Capt.-McKersieChad.jpg

Email: cmckersi@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4528

Service Area Email: WestServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us

For emergencies, call 911

Sergeants assigned to the West Service Area:

Sgt. Alan Ort

Sgt. Nick Calati

Sgt. Michael Sowle

Sgt. David Kadzban

Officers assigned to the West Service Area:

Ofc. Zachary Kaiser         Ofc. Cody Bechaz        Ofc. Robert Cammenga        Ofc. Jeffrey Wysocki  
Ofc. Dennis Newton   Ofc. Bryan Casey   Ofc. Ty Rozema   Ofc. Drake Schut  
Ofc. Donald Allen   Ofc. Adan Ickes   Ofc. Ken Nawrocki   Ofc. Jacob Newton  
Ofc.Kasey Zandarski   Ofc. Juan Escamilla   Ofc. Michael Spees   Ofc. Troy Colgrove  
Ofc. Douglas Stevens   Ofc. Jordan Grace   Ofc. Briana Pierson   Ofc. Ian Teninty  
Ofc. Nicholas Olinzock   Ofc. Austin Highlen   Ofc. Mark Morrison   Ofc. Carrie Turnbull  


North End Service Area

Captain Michael Maycroft

Captain Michael Maycroft

Desk Phone: 616-456-3412

Email: mmaycrof@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4526

Service Area Email: NorthServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us

For emergencies, call 911

Sergeants assigned to the North Service Area:

Sgt. Tom Bush

Sgt. Allen Noles

Sgt. Jeff Dionne

Sgt. Spencer Sellner

Officers Assigned to the North Service Area:

Ofc. Brent Stuart        Ofc. Josh Rodenbeck        Ofc. Laura Saxton        Ofc. Eric Hornbacher 
Ofc. Kenneth Brown   Ofc. Harvey Baker   Ofc. Andrew Smith   Ofc. Anthony Barberino
Ofc. Doug Grandy
  Ofc. Shawn Harmon
  Ofc. Tyler Kohl
  Ofc. Hunter Halas
Ofc. Nathan Fynewever
  Ofc. Mike Wordelman
  Ofc. Jordan Jones
  Ofc. Ben Johnson
Ofc. John Wetzel
  Ofc. Robert Swantek
  Ofc. John VandenBerg
  Ofc. Kyler Rubley
Ofc. Max Battle
  Ofc. JP Guerrero
  Ofc. Brittany Bowersock
  Ofc. Jake Bloom

  Ofc. Wade Heidbreder  


South Service Area

Captain Joe Trigg    

Desk Phone: 616-456-4485     Trigg.jpg

Email: jtrigg@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4527                                                                                                         

Service Area Email: SouthServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us

For emergencies, call 911

Sergeants assigned to the South Service Area:

Sgt. Mark Konynenbelt

Sgt. Henry McCullough

Sgt. Justin Kotecki

Sgt. Chad Van Dam

Officers assigned to the South Service Area:

Ofc. Mariah Johnson        Ofc. Leslie Norman         Ofc. Jacob Hawley         Ofc. Kyle Wilson 
Ofc. Cole Hoyer   Ofc. Allison Bolt
  Ofc. Christopher Carlson
  Ofc. Shaun DeWent
Ofc. David Thompson
  Ofc. Todd Wuis
  Ofc. Andrew Middleton
  Ofc. Amanda Stewart
Ofc. Karissa Oley
  Ofc. Matthew Staeven
  Ofc. Blake Walton
  Ofc. Ryan Johnson
Ofc. Jason Horrigan
  Ofc. Chris Bernardo
  Ofc. Chase Ungrey
  Ofc. Tyler Garnsey
Ofc. Peter Thompson
  Ofc. Joshua Cudney
  Ofc. Theodore VanVliet
  Ofc. Leon White
Ofc. Jon Hart
  Ofc. Tim Fischer
  Ofc. Justin Kribs

  Ofc. Mack Seide


Central Service Area

Captain Vincent Reilly

Captain Vincent Reilly

Desk Phone: 616-456-3326

Email: vreilly@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4525

Service Area Email: CentralServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us

For emergencies, call 911

Sergeants assigned to the Central Service Area:

Sgt. Tim Hoornstra 

Sgt. Daryl Howard

Officers assigned to the Central Service Area:

Ofc. Brad Heugel        Ofc. Lauren Tompkins         Ofc. Benjamin Howie         Ofc. Richard Lee 
Ofc. Patrick Martin   Ofc. Samuel Mott   Ofc. Thomas Doyle   Ofc. Trent Clark
        Ofc. Kaylyn Stephens   Ofc. Seth Kramer


East Service Area 

Rogers, Kristen.png

Captain Terry Dixon

Desk Phone: 616-456-4489

Email: tdixon@grand-rapids.mi.us

Service Area Message Line: 616-456-4524

Service Area Email: EastServiceArea@grand-rapids.mi.us

For emergencies, call 911

Sergeants assigned to the East Service Area:

Sgt. Adam Host

Sgt. Tim Johnston

Sgt. Ryan Manser

Sgt. Tom Warwick

Officers assigned to the East Service Area:

Ofc. Sean Lahuis        Ofc. Daniel Robinson         Ofc. Evan Saxe        Ofc. Zach Kornoeije 
Ofc. Kirk VanProoyen   Ofc. Greg Bauer   Ofc. Zach Gregory   Ofc. Brian Brinks
Ofc. Tate Rillema   Ofc. Brenna Link   Ofc. Joshua Hill   Ofc. Ashlee Triyonis
Ofc. Caleb Johnson   Ofc. Bryan Sniatecki   Ofc. Cody Borta   Ofc. Gerson Colorado
Ofc. Jesse Flores   Ofc. Roxanne Partak   Ofc. Jesse Somsel   Ofc. Michael Tagliavia 
Ofc. Justin Copelin   Ofc. Thomas Burns   Ofc. Cassidy Bacon   Ofc. Megan Michele
        Ofc. Austin Diekevers   Ofc. Troy Augustat