State General Election | November 7, 2017

We track hourly voter turnout in every Grand Rapids precinct. You can check this page throughout election day for updated numbers.

Looking for results from this election. Use the November 2017 Voting Results page to see how your precinct voted.

Your Voting Precinct

Grand Rapids precincts are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Wondering if you're registered to vote? Need to lookup your voting precinct? You can use the State of Michigan's website to find your voting information.

Go to the State of Michigan Website

Reports are Unofficial

Precincts report the number of votes cast every hour throughout election day. This gives us a good estimate of voter turnout. But you should know that official results might be different.

Using the Dashboard 

  • Precinct totals include absentee ballots
  • Hourly totals include only votes cast in precincts on election day
  • Precincts report turnout hourly, so you'll see the numbers go up as the day goes on 
  • By default, you'll see voter turnout for the whole city
  • You can click a precinct to see voter turnout for just that precinct
  • Hold control and click multiple precincts to see voter turnout for a group of precincts