Lights, Signals and Signs

PNG image of a street with street lights and a biker in bike lane  


We make sure traffic is safe and efficient through intentional design. We construct, operate and maintain the City's traffic control and street lighting. We're here to help you with requests for:

  • Coordinating road closures for block party requests
  • Large event promotional banners on light poles downtown

Are you looking for signal timing information? You can file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request here.

Does your company need access to the City's pole line and duct system? We allow companies to request access so they don't need to dig into the roadway for their own infrastructure. Granting access also eliminates the need for companies to get private utility easements.

We regulate excess capacity in these systems through the Pole Line and Duct System ordinance.

We provide information on our usage through annual rate studies. Check out past rate studies below:

Pole Line and Duct System Rate Study 2016

Pole Line and Duct System Rate Study 2015

Pole Line and Duct System Rate Study 2014

Pole Line and Duct System Rate Study 2013

Pole Line and Duct System Rate Study 2012

Every year we conduct traffic counts by measuring traffic volume. We provide this information to the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC).

They gather traffic count information from other cities and the Michigan Department of Transportation to include in their Traffic Count Database System. Check it out here