Deputy Fire Chiefs

Deputy Chief Jack Johnson     

Deputy Chief Eric Freeman

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The Deputy Chief's duties are supervisory and skilled firefighting work in directing the activities of fire companies and in assisting the fire chief in exercising command over the entire uniformed personnel, apparatus and equipment of the fire department. The major responsibility is for assisting the fire chief in supervising all phases of departmental operations and for assuming and exercising command of firefighting operations of all fire companies unless relieved of command by the fire chief.

The Deputy alternates with the Battalion Chiefs in the command of firefighting operations and thus is required to be familiar with all conditions affecting such operation in the entire city. There is additional responsibility for acting for the fire chief in his absence and for making all decisions necessary to the operation of the fire department during such periods. The work is performed in accordance with departmental regulations and is subject to review by the fire chief, but it requires the use of considerable independent judgment and thorough knowledge of department wide operation.