FY2020 Fiscal Plan

Our budget offers a detailed breakdown of our proposed City financial plans for the current fiscal year and the following four years. Fiscal year 2020 begins July 1, 2019.

The proposed spending plan details the uses of various funds to deliver services and staff City departments. It maintains essential City services, strengthens our ability to implement our strategic priorities and ensures financial stability.

The plan is focused on advancing the strategies and metrics outlined in our new Strategic Plan to ensure measurable improvements across each of the six priority areas: economic prosperity and affordability, mobility, safe community, health and environment, governmental excellence, and engaged and connected community.

Download the Plan(PDF, 36MB)

Budget Visualization

Citizen Labs uses data from the City's open data portal to visualize where the upcoming fiscal year's funds go.

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May 14, 2019 Budget Review Presentation

May 7, 2019 Budget Review Presentation

April 30, 2019 Budget Review Presentation

April 23, 2019 City Commission Presentation