FY2019 Preliminary Fiscal Plan

Our preliminary budget offers a detailed breakdown of our proposed City financial plans for the upcoming fiscal year and the following 4 years. Fiscal year 2019 begins July 1, 2018. It details the uses of the following types of funds to deliver services and staff City departments:

  • General Operating
  • Budget Stabilization
  • Transformation
  • Enterprise
  • Special Revenue
  • Debt Service
  • Internal Service

Review timeline 

There's a series of 5 meetings that City Commission will review the proposed budget. These start on April 24, 2018:

Tuesday, May 1 Set public hearing about fees

Tuesday, May 22 Public hearing for fees & set public hearing for budget and millage

Tuesday, June 5 Public hearing for budget and millage and adopt fees

Tuesday, June 12 Adopt budget and millage

Sunday, July 1 FY2019 begins

The final budget is scheduled to be adopted June 12, 2018.

FY2019 Preliminary Fiscal Plan