Electrical Board of Examiners

Department in Charge of This Board

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About the Board

Here's a quick look at the Electrical Board of Examiners:

  • Establishes examinations for electrical licenses
  • Determines the qualifications required for grant of a license
  • May revoke or suspend electrical licenses when appropriate and necessary

Apply for Boards and Commissions

  • 4 members
  • Members are appointed by the City Manager with City Commission approval on the first Monday of January.
  • One (1) representative of a person, firm, or corporation which has an electrical contractor's license 
  • One (1) representative of a utility furnishing electrical energy in the City 
  • Two (2) Master or Journeyman Electricians chosen based upon expert knowledge of electrical wiring devices or equipment

Residency Requirement

There is no Residency Requirement for this board.

Term Limits

Your term would last for two years. There is no term limit, so you can serve an unlimited number of terms.


There is no compensation for members of this board.

Cynthia Czarniecki-Brown

City Manager Appointment
Term Ends: 1/6/2025 

Joseph Halik

City Manager Appointment
Term Ends: 1/6/2025

Ed Longstreet

City Manager Appointment
Term Ends: 1/6/2025 

Daniel Radecki

City Manager Appointment
Term Ends:1/6/2025


City Manager Appointment 
Term Ends: 1/6/2025