Modelo Meltdown

Modelo Meltdown 2024 Promo.jpg

Now Picture this: an artist market that's not just stalls but a maze of winter creativity. Games take on a whole new level - from classic winter competitions that make you feel like a kid again to digital experiences that keep the outdoor groove alive. 

And, of course, Modelo-sponsored gaming corners because, let's face it, nothing says outdoor fun like a Modelo in hand around the fire pit and a local artist markets, and perhaps snag some exclusive Modelo swag. 

As the night unfolds, Modelo keeps the outdoor celebration blazing. Retreat to the restaurant - a cozy haven where you can warm up and connect with a fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

This winter bash isn't just an event; it's an outdoor lifestyle. Join us for an outdoor party that's as diverse, vibrant, and unforgettable as you are. Cheers to the community, creativity, and Modelo -- because your winter celebration deserves nothing but the best.


  • Saturday, February 24, 2024 | 02:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Garage Bar, 819 Ottawa Avenue Northwest Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Grand Rapids, 49503, View Map

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