Service Delivery Changes At a Glance

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued guidelines on maintaining a safe workplace. These guidelines require temporary service changes.

Most City Facilities Closed to Walk-in Service

The City's 311 Center on the Monroe level of City Hall will remain open for necessary walk-in services. This is the recommended first place to contact for service.

Employees and visitors are required to wear face coverings, in compliance with Section 7 of the MDHHS order. Visitors must provide a valid reason for not wearing a face covering, and in such a case, departments are authorized to require the interaction take place in a suitable outdoor space if possible.

Assistance with many city services can be provided online, over the phone, or by email. Please contact the department directly to see if your request can be processed without an in-person appointment.

Service Delivery Changes At-A-Glance

311 Customer Service Windows

311 Customer Service windows will remain open for normal hours, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. More Info

City Facilities Closed to Walk-in Service

City facilities are closed to walk-in service with the exception of the City's customer service center on the Monroe level of City Hall. Customers are encouraged to use self-service options or conduct business via email, phone, or through the City's 311 center. Online Services

City Commission and Boards and Commissions Meetings

City Commission and other board/commission meetings will continue to be conducted virtually. The public can participate in virtual meetings. More Info

Public Engagement Meetings

All public engagement meetings will be conducted virtually or through other electronic means. An exception may be made for certain activities conducted outdoors and in compliance with personal protections, physical distancing, and capacity guidelines set forth by MDHHS.

Special Events

All permitted special events must comply with published personal protective, physical distancing, and capacity requirements.

  • All applicants for special event permits shall provide a plan for compliance with MDHHS guidelines prior to approval.
  • Film permits may be considered based on crew size, safe distancing plans, and potential adjacent impacts to safe passage and distancing.

Parks and Recreation Facility Rentals

Parks and Recreation facility rentals are suspended through the end of this order. All rental requests for dates beyond December 8 must include a plan for compliance with MDHHS guidelines prior to approval.

Recreational Programming

Recreational programming must be modified to be in compliance with this order.

  • Suspension of in-person fitness programming.
  • Limiting occupancy in recreational facilities, including clubhouses.
  • Modifications to operation of the skating rink at Rosa Parks Circle.

Cemetery Services

Cemetery services are limited to 25 persons and must comply with all MDHHS guidelines for distancing and personal protection.

  • Grave sales will be by appointment only.

Interior Inspections

Interior inspections for code enforcement, permits, rental certification, water services, sewer maintenance, housing rehabilitation and lead remediation projects will continue. This is providing that work can be done in a manner compliant with personal protective, physical distancing and capacity requirements.

  • This is necessary to maintain service for both indoor and outdoor construction, which are permissable under current MDHHS orders.
  • Departments providing such in-home services shall develop protocols for pre-screening homes or businesses for COVID risk.
  • If risk factors are present, those should be reported to a supervisor to determine whether the risks can be mitigated, or work can be rescheduled.
  • Departments performing in-home services must maintain a log or record of appointments serviced.

City Clerk Passport Appointments Suspended until January 2021

The City Clerk’s Office will not be processing passports until after January 1, 2021. Please visit the State Department's website to find another acceptance facility. More Info